Unmod Week Rules

Unmod week is simple though the name may be misleading. Unmod week lasts for an entire month but the voting process lasts for a week.

How to Run it (Assuming promotions at the beginning/end of the month):

  • At the middle of each month post the usual unmod week post WITH a scary poster advertising unmod week (it must be scary so the soldiers know to get scared).
  • Have a group of soldiers that you picked (senate, rank, etc…) send you an email with who they would like to see unmodded and who they would like to see modded. Do this for 1 week.
  • After 1 week, either decide who gets unmodded/modded using the emailed votes, or create polls on the acp site and allow people to vote if a person gets unmodded/modded. Run this for 7 days.
  • After 7 days, release the results (There HAS to be a winner :p) and unmod the “winners” for 1 months and mod the people who have won their polls.

This allows for an unmodded person to be remodded at the beginning of each month along with the other promoted soldiers and then gives them 2 weeks to prove that they deserve to be remodded.

The purpose of unmod week is to let the mods know that they will be punished for abusing the rules. It can also be applied to owners if wanted.



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